89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles

A pink bathroom is a fun way to implement color in your home in a room you may not expect. And with the rise of the “Barbiecore” interior trend, we expect to see a rise in pink bathroom designs.

Adding the color pink to a bathroom can be done in several ways, and it certainly doesn’t have to look too sweet and girly. The color pink comes in a wide variety of color shades, from light dusty pink to a more earthy pink tone and everything in between.

Whether your bathroom style is vintage and romantic or if you prefer a modern look for the bathroom. In each bathroom style, you can incorporate pink elements. This article will show you how to add pink to your bathroom in a style that suits your home. From hot pink walls to blush pink tiles, these pink bathroom design ideas will help you create your dream bathroom.


How To Add Pink To a Bathroom

You can add a pink color accent to your bathroom in several ways. The easiest way to add pink to a bathroom is by adding a pink shower curtain, bathroom accessories, or pink lighting.

But you can also take one step further by painting the walls pink, adding pink wallpaper, or using pink tiles. And you can also add pink bathroom furniture and fittings, such as a pink bath, sinks, or vanity.

Is a Pink Bathroom Timeless?

There was a time that a pink bathroom was considered “dated.” But actually, a pink bathroom never goes out of style. The vintage pink bathrooms from the earlier 20th century are a selling point in a house, but you can also incorporate pink in a timeless way by using fresh pink tones and a classic pink plaster wall.

Pink Bathroom Design Inspiration

I have selected xx pink bathrooms to help you find the right style for your home. From subtle pink accents to bold statement rooms. For every interior design style is a pink solution.

photo: Haris Kenjar

1. A Combination of Tiles

Interior designer Heidi Caillier created a timeless and classic pink bathroom, in a Fox Island guest house, with pink tiles from Fireclay together with Neisha Crosland’s Frieda terra-cotta design for De Ferranti.

photo: Haris Kenjar
photo: Boumij Makelaar

2. Warm Pink Walls with Black Tiles

In the master ensuite in a Dutch family home they combined warm pink walls with glossy black tiles and a pink toilet.

photo: Boumij Makelaar
photo: Willemijn de Leeuw – Space Content Studio

3. A Burgundy Vanity

Atelier ND Studio designed this amazing bathroom in an Amsterdam family home. The master bathroom features a burgundy vanity in combination with a wooden herringbone floor and marble bath and shower. Classic and timeless with a hint of color.

photo: Funda
photo: Inigo

4. Blush Pink with Geometric Tiles

A lovely combination of soft pink with fun black and white geometric tiles in an Arts and Crafts house in England

photo: Inigo

5. Hand Cut Tiles with a Pink Sink

In the same English home as the previous bathroom you can also find this bold pink powder room with hand cut pink tiles and a subtle pink sink.

photo: Andrea Papini

6. Bubblegum Pink with Wallpaper

A tiny bathroom with slanted ceilings in Copenhagen has bubblegum pink walls in combination with a darker floral wallpaper and a pink sink.

photo: Paul Craig

7. Pink Wallpaper

A London home designed by Frank and Faber includes this bathroom with the “Opia” wallpaper by House of Hackney in the old rose color.

bathroom black white tiles soft pink walls
photo: Johan Spinnell

8. Romantic Vintage

The entire Stockholm apartment is decorated in a romantic vintage style and the small bathroom is no different. The room has very subtle pink walls in combination with classic black and white tiles.

romantic vintage bathroom pink walls bath
photo: Johan Spinnell
photo: JJ Media

9. A Pink Clawfoot Bath

A 70s inspired home in London includes a bathroom with a pink clawfoot bath in combination with floral green curtains.

photo: Airbnb

10. A Pink Floral Pattern

Interior designer Claire Thomas has created a pink floral pattern with the tilework in her Airbnb cabin in Fawnskin, California.

photo: Airbnb
photo: Westeneng Verbeek Makelaardij

11. A Half Painted Pink Wall

The master bathroom in a charming Dutch house features a half painted pink wall in combination with blue color accnets in the freestanding bath and the curtain.

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photo: Airbnb

12. Hot Pink Walls

This bathroom is the ultimate Barbiecore bathroom. The walls in the bathroom of this Airbnb home are painted in a hot pink shade in combination with a softer pink door and white tiles.

photo: Airbnb
bathroom soft pink walls black clawfoot bath ikea
photo; IKEA

13. Soft Pink Walls and a Dark Pink Bath

A soft pink tone is perfect as a neutral base for a room, including a bathroom. This IKEA bathroom combined light pink walls with a dark pink clawfoot bath and white tiles to make it look classic.

photo: The Modern House

14. Pink Tiles with a Terrazzo Floor

This small modern bathroom combined light pink tiles with a dark blue wall color. Both colors also return in the terrazzo tiles on the floor and the bathroom vanity.

bathroom freestanding bath coral pink tiles and walls

15. Coral Pink Walls and Tiles

the color pink comes in a wide variety of shades. Coral pink also has hints of orange which you can see in this bathroom. It combines a modern white bath with coral pink hexagon tiles and a coral shade on the walls.

bathroom pink walls blue tiles
photo: Berrow Projects

16. Pink Walls with Blue Wood Panels

Pink is a pretty easy color to combine with. In this bathroom in a Mallorcan townhouse they combined pink walls with blue painted paneling.

photo: Archello

17. Pink Tiles with a Dark Gray Wall

You can opt for a contrasting look with light pink tiles in combination with a dark gray wall color. It makes the pink tiles really stand out.

photo: @house_of_whimsy_and_whiskers

18. Add A Gallery Wall to the Pink Wall

Heather added a gallery wall to her earhty pink wall in the bathroom of her colorful eclectic Scottish home.

photo: Airbnb

19. Hints of Brown

The wall color in this bathroom designed by I SPY DIY is so deep that it has hints of brown in it. it creates a very relaxing and warm atmosphere in the bathroom.

mocha bathroom black toilet nordroom 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles
mocha bathroom nordroom 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles

20. Minimalistic with Pink Tiles

Keep the bathroom simple and minimalistic with pink tiles on the floor and ceiling combined with white tiles and a white bath.

green and pink small bathroom nordroom 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles

21. Pink and Green

Pink and green is a classic color combination and you can also combine these colors in the tilework in a bathroom. Like you see here with pink wall tiles and green floor tiles.

photo: Svensk Fastighetsformedling

22. A Plaster Pink Shower

The walls in this walk in shower are treated with a water resistant pink plaster. The salmon pink shade adds a calm color accent to the bathroom.

photo: Three Birds Renovations

23. Pink Tiles with Darker Grout

You often see a white or light gray grout, but in this bathroom, they opted for a darker pink, almost orange grout color which gives it a nice effect.

photo: Stokperd

24. A Pink Floor

Instead of using pink wall tiles, you can also opt for a pink color statement on the floor. In this bathroom, they made the floor even more a statement piece by using a geometric tile pattern.


25. Pink Wallpaper with Wood

A home with historic bones needs to be shown off, and in this bathroom, they combine wooden elements, such as an exposed wooden beam with pink floral wallpaper.

30 colorful bathrooms nordroom 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles

26. Pink Floor Tiles and Sinks

There are two pink elements in this colorful bathroom. On the floor, lie geometric pink tiles and they also added two round pink sinks.

30 colorful bathrooms nordroom2 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles

27. A Romantic Pink and Lavender Bathroom

If you love French style romantic then this is the bathroom of your dreams. Antique furniture is combination with lavender walls and a hot pink clawfoot bath.

photo: David Cook

28. Attic Bathroom with Pink and Gray Tiles

The pink tiles in this small bathroom run all the way up the slanted ceiling. They are combined with neutral gray tiles and a black and white vanity to balance it out.

30 colorful bathrooms nordroom11 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles

29. Pink on Pink

Various shades of pink are used in this modern colorful bathroom. Pink plaster walls are combined with a pink sink and pink terrazzo tiles. A light blue shelf completes the colorful room.

photo: Lundin

30. A Pink Shower Curtain

This bathroom is very simple but the rooms are painted in a soft pink shade which is enhanced with a pink shower curtain. The entire studio home is a pink “Barbiecore” haven.


31. A Pink Arch

What a way to make a bathroom look special. They added an arch to the bathroom with pink tiles for the bath and shower.


32. Classic with a Neutral Pink Wall

As mentioned earlier, a light pink tone is perfect as a subtle colorful neutral on the walls. You can also see that in this white and pink bathroom. Brass fittings add a warm touch to the room.

photo: Inigo

33. Pink Walls and Ceiling and a Pink Curtain

Besides a shower curtain, you can also add a normal curtain in a pink shade to the bathroom, as is pictured here in a 19th-century London townhouse.

neutral art filled victorian home nordroom15 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles
photo: The Modern House

34. Square Pink Tiles

This minimalistic bathroom in an art-filled home is fitted with floor-to-ceiling pink square tiles in combination with black fittings and a concrete sink. The black and concrete are a cool contrast to the light pink tiles.

neutral art filled victorian home nordroom16 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles
photo: The Modern House
photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

35. A Hot Pink Cabinet

There are so many ways you can add pink to a bathroom. This bathroom’s main colors are gray and blue, but designer Zoe Feldman did add a hot pink wall cabinet.

photo: The Modern House

36. Simple Pink and White

They kept it simple in this narrow bathroom. Large pink tiles are on the walls which is combined with all white bathroom furniture and a terrazzo floor.


37. Pink Tiles with Brass Fittings

Influencer and Scotland’s Home of the Year presenter Kate Spiers is known for her excellent design taste. She designed her narrow bathroom in her former Glasgow flat to perfection. One wall is half tiled with pink tiles and half white half pink tiles on the floor.

design: Uns Hobbs

38. A Pink Clawfoot Bath

A Victorian home in London has a stylish bathroom with a pink clawfoot bath in combination with a classic marble checkerboard floor and pale blue walls.

ikea spring catalog 2019 nordroom11 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles
photo: IKEA

39. Simple Pink Tiles

IKEA is known for its simple but stylish design style. In this IKEA bathroom, they chose pink wall tiles in combination with striped floor tiles.


40. A Light Pink Hexagon Floor

This attic room has been turned into a light bathroom with a white bath and light pink hexagon floor tiles. The color accent is subtle, but it looks wonderful.

30 colorful bathrooms nordroom13 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles
photo: Douglas Friedman

41. A Combination of Pink

Pink is everywhere in this amazing bathroom, from the tilework to the pouf and from the flamingo De Gournay wallpaper to the fireplace wall. Several shades of pink are combined in this cheerful bathroom.

1920s country house christine flynn nordroom7 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles
photo: Lauren Miller

42. Pale Pink Walls

Artist Christine Flynn painted the walls of her bathroom in a very subtle pale pink. A pale pink like this is a lovely neutral shade that just gives a little more warmth than white walls.

photo: Jose Hevia

43. Pink and Concrete

The bathroom design is simple, but the pink walls and concrete shelf make it stand out.

photo: Julia Steele

44. A Vintage Pink Bathroom

Every now and then, you see a home that still features its original pink bathroom. These bathrooms are now completely trendy again and give a unique look to your home.

photo: Alexandra Meurant

45. Warm Simplicity

The warm pink plaster walls in this Italian bathroom create a calm atmosphere. The wood and brass accents enhance this warm feeling.

photo: Lisa Cohen

46. Round Pink Sinks

Most pink bathrooms use a subtle pink tone, but I like these round pink sinks that bring a cheerful touch to the space. They are combined with wood and brass, and one wall is tiled with light pink hexagons.

photo: Roi Mäkleri

47. A Pink Vanity with Floral Wallpaper

A pink vanity is such a great way to bring color to the bathroom. In this Swedish bathroom, they opted for a full color experience with lavender walls and a floral wallpaper.


48. Salmon Pink with Lavender

This tiny powder room is a wonderful colorful experience. Salmon pink walls are combined with lavender painted wall paneling, brass hardware, and an antique mirror

49. A Floral Bath

A vintage cottage in England has a very special bathroom. It features a clawfoot bath painted with florals, and it has a purple-ish pink wall.

50. Rounded Pink Tiles

The rounded tiles in various pink shades give the small bathroom a soft, colorful look.

PinkBathroomwithRoundMirror TheNordroom 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles


hotel amour nice nordroom15 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles

52. A Pink Marble Bathroom

The rooms in Hotel Amour in Nice are packed with color. And the bathrooms are designed in pink marble. The love for pink marble goes so far that the entire bathroom is fitted with this material, from the shower to the sink.

lumiere lodge vintage cottage australia nordroom10 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles

53. Soft Pink with Stained Glass

One of the bathrooms in Lumière Lodge in Australia is painted in a soft pink shade that is combined with a darker pink vanity and a beautiful stained glass window.

lumiere lodge vintage cottage australia nordroom19 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles

54. Pink Floral Wallpaper

The other bathroom in the Australian cottage Lumière Lodge is also decorated in a pink color scheme. Here, the owners opted for a pink wallpaper with a floral pattern in combination with a black clawfoot bath.

photo: Alex Zarour of Virtually Here Studios

55. Moroccan Style

A small bathroom in A Tudor house in Los Feliz designed by residential developer Jordan Bakva has been designed in a Moroccan style with pink plaster walls and small diamond shaped floor tiles.

30 colorful bathrooms nordroom32 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles

56. Arches Made with Small Pink Tiles

Three arches in this retro-style bathroom are created with small pink wall tiles that are combined with striped pink and white floor tiles.

photo: Taran Wilkhu

57. Pink Zellige Tiles

A mews house in London is redesigned by architect Michaelis Boyd into a modern home. in the bathroom, the designer opted for light pink zellige tiles combined with pink veined marble floor tiles and black fittings.

photo: Fredric Boukari

58. Classic with a Calm Pink Wall

You can design a classic bathroom with a pink color accent. This bathroom in a colorful Swedish family home combined a classic base with a marble checkerboard floor, white tiles, and a bath with a muted pink wall color.


59. A Light Pink Statement Wall

A unique ribbed pink statement wall has been added to the otherwise neutral gray bathroom. The brass fixtures add a warm glam touch to the room.

photo: Haris Kenjar
photo: Haris Kenjar

60. Blush Pink Walls

A cozy pied-à-terre in San Francisco designed by Heidi Caillier features a small bathroom with a slanted ceiling. The walls are painted in a warm blush pink shade. The solid marble sink by 1st Dibs.

photo: Eric Piasecki

61. Purple-ish-Pink

This vibrant pink bathroom combines two tile styles in various purple-ish-pink shades.


62. Small Earthy Pink Tiles

Pink is often considered girly or feminine, but this bathroom shows that you can also create a warm rustic look with earthy pink tiles and a wooden ceiling.


63. Plaster Pink and Blue

AVictorianHouseinLondonwithaPinkMusicRoom TheNordroom15 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles
photo: The Modern House

64. Pale Pink with a White Wooden Floor

Pale pink plaster is a popular wall finish in historic homes. In this Victorian townhouse in London, they also opted for this wall finish in combination with a white wooden floor and a white clawfoot bath. It feels historic and fresh at the same time.

30 colorful bathrooms nordroom31 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles

65. Hot Pink Tiles

The glossy hot pink wall tiles, in combination with the clawfoot bath, give this bathroom a romantic look.

photo: Keizerskroon Makelaars
photo: Keizerskroon Makelaars

66. Earthy Pink and Exposed Beams

A colorful loft apartment in Amsterdam features this pink bathroom where the walls are painted in an earthy pink shade that is combined with exposed wooden beams that show the history of the house.

photo: Sherwin-Williams

67. Sherwin-Williams Redend Point

The walls in this modern bathroom are painted in Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2023, “Redend Point”. The warm pink walls are combined with an equally warm wooden floor.

photo: @myedwardianhouse

68. A Light Pink Clawfoot Bath

Susan, known as @myedwardianhouse on Instagram, designed one of her bathrooms in her eclectic home in a green and pink color palette with a light pink clawfoot bath.

photo: Inigo
photo: Inigo

69. Pink Limewash and a Wooden Floor

A black clawfoot bath overlooking the Falmouth harbor sits in a room with pink limewash walls. The dark wooden floor and antique wash basin give his room a historic look.

photo: Bjurfors

70. Combine Several Pink Shades

This shower in a Swedish home features pink wall tiles in a combination of pink shades which gives a lovely colorful effect. It is finished off with black and white geometric floor tiles.


71. Pink Floral Hotel Bathrooms

The bathrooms in Hotel Saint Vincent in New Orleans are a pink floral haven. The building was redesigned into a hotel by design firm Lambert McGuire Design. The interiors are an eclectic mix of styles, from art-deco to midcentury design. The bathrooms are designed in a vibrant pink floral style.

72. Pink Herringbone Tiles

A small bathroom designed by Barlow and Barlow is fully tiled in pink tiles laid in a herringbone pattern. It shows that you can also be playful with the tile pattern in a bathroom.

73. Light Pink Plaster

Every room in a small London home has the same pink plaster walls, and this is also visible in the bathroom. The pink walls are combined with white tiles for a fresh look.

photo: Borden Interiors

74. Fresh Pink Floor Tiles

Even though the shower is higher than the rest of the bathroom, they continued the floor here as well. The pink tiles add a fresh color pop to the white room.

photo: The Morena Group

75. Pink Tiles on the Ceiling

Don’t stop tiling when you reach the ceiling. In this vintage bathroom, they added the pink subway tiles on the walls and the ceiling. These are combined with a lighter shade of pink hexagon floor tiles and black accents.

photo: Inigo

76. Pink Walls and Marble Tiles

This shower in a Georgian townhouse combined marble tiles and brass hardware from Barber Wilsons with a pink limewash wall.

small bathroom pink white floor tiles nordroom 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles
photo: Chris Snook

77. Pink and White Floor Tiles

Not overwhelming but still colorful. These black and white floor tiles add a subtle pink color accent to the bathroom.


78. A Fresh Combination of Color

Even though this small bathroom uses a lot of colors, it doesn’t feel like it’s too much. The room’s base is the soft pink walls and the green leaf wallpaper. In the bathroom vanity, they added more colors which look so cheerful.


79. Pink and Green Cabinets

This tiny bathroom combines green and pink cabinets for a subtle color pop. The green vanity cabinet is also topped with a pink sink to make the room complete.

photo: The Moreno Group

80. Retro Pink Toilet and Sink

Retro style is hot, and in a light Spanish style home in Los Angeles, you will find this vintage style bathroom with a pink toilet and sink combined with pink floor tiles.

brooklyn townhouse eyeswoon athena calderone nordroom20 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles
photo: Sarah Elliott

81. A Pink Marble Shower

The bathroom in the Brooklyn townhouse of Athena Calderone features this shower made of pink marble.

12 89 Pink Bathroom Ideas: From Hot Pink Walls to Blush Tiles
photo: The Modern House

82. Pink Walls with Floral Tiles

This spacious bathroom in a colorful London home has plaster pink walls which is combined with a wonderful floral pattern on the shower tiles.


83. A Pink Clawfoot Bath in a Blue Room

Blue and pink work great together. In this bathroom, the wall paneling is painted in a blue shade which is combined with an eye catching pink clawfoot bath and a pink bath rug.

photo: The Moreno Group

84. A Retro Pink Arch

If you love a vintage style for your bathroom, take inspiration from this bathroom with a pink arch with black tile trimmings.

photo: Pia Clodi

85. Pink Tiles with Brass Accents

Pink tiles already give a warm look to a bathroom, and when combined with brass fittings, it not only feels warmer but also adds a classic vintage look. The bathroom in Hotel Villa Ivy in Salzburg shows this winning combination.

photo: H&M Home

86. A Pale Pink shower Curtain

The easiest and cheapest way to add pink accents to your bathroom is by adding pink textiles or a pink shower curtain.

photo: Mariell Lind Hansen

87. A Pink Bath with Dark Gray Tiles

Studio Duggan designed this bathroom in a warm London home. The pink bath really pops next to the dark gray tiles. Also note how the pink and gray tones return in the curtain in the bathroom.

photo: Design*Sponge

88. A Pink Ceiling

A painted ceiling is a fun and unexpected way to add color to a room.

small tile feature wall sinks nordroom

89. Two Pink Walls

Rebecca Judd’s bathroom features two pink walls made with small square tiles.

I hope these pink bathroom ideas help you inspire to add more pink to your bathroom.