Green Kitchen Design Ideas That You’ll Love

Go for green in your kitchen! Green is the color of nature and is very soothing. That’s why it is so wonderful in home decor. By adding green to your decor, you add color without it being overwhelming. These green kitchen design ideas will inspire you to go green in your kitchen.

There are many ways to incorporate the color green into your kitchen, from green kitchen cabinets to green tiles or green walls.

Green also comes in many different color shades, from fresh mint green to dark, moody green or green in the shade of the sea. No matter what color you use for your green kitchen design, it will be beautiful.

photo: The Nordroom

Green kitchen design inspiration

In this post, I’ll show you many beautiful green kitchens, from modern to traditional, from bright Scandinavian to green kitchens combined with pink and blue.

Green kitchen cabinets

Green kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety of shades, from soothing green to fresh mint green or a popping teal. They give your kitchen a beautiful natural look.

styling by Rydman and photography by Östling for Historiska Hem

This dreamy natural kitchen in an attic apartment is one of the greatest kitchens I’ve ever seen. It has IKEA Bodbyn cabinets in a natural dark green shade.

photo: deVOL Kitchens

What’s unique about this deVOL kitchen is the all-green color palette. The kitchen cabinets, walls, and ceiling are painted in the same green shade, giving the room a beautiful natural look.


Green cabinets with a combination of high cabinets and open shelves and a soft colored runner (design: Jaclyn Peters)


Green and terracotta tiles are a wonderful combination as you can see here in the Washington home of designer Heidi Caillier (click here for the full tour)


A classic green kitchen designed by Rachel Reider Interiors


Dark green kitchen cabinets and exposed beams in a Scandinavian penthouse (photo: Nestor)


A green farmhouse-style kitchen with an AGA stove in Bath, England. Click here for the full home tour

cozy green cottage kitchen with shelves terracotta floor and skylight nordroom

Dark green kitchen cabinets and mint green door and window frames for a double green look. Click here to see more of this Wes Anderson-inspired deVOL kitchen


Combine green cabinets with marble countertop and backsplash (design: DISC Interiors)


A true natural kitchen with green cabinets, wooden countertop and lots of plants. Featured in the IKEA Spring Catalog 2020


What a stunning green tone in the kitchen of Jessica Brigham


Green kitchen cabinets (Peale Green by Benjamin Moore) combined with Moroccan-inspired white & blue tiles (photo: Helen Norman)


Green kitchen cabinets with pink plaster walls and red & white tiles in the home of designer Matilda Goad


You don’t have to choose between cabinets or tiles. This kitchen has green kitchen cabinets and green kitchen tiles in the home of actress Janina Gavankar (photo: Madeline Tolle)

Teal kitchen cabinets

Green kitchen cabinets can come in all kinds of shades, from soothing hues to bright ones. Or you can make your kitchen pop just a little bit more with teal colored cabinets.

green kitchen with dining table kakelgn mahogany floorboards nordroom
styling by Lind and photography by Jahnson for Historiska Hem

The kitchen cabinets – painted in “Racing Green” – in a Swedish apartment are paired with Carrera marble worktops and tiles.


Teal cabinets with exposed brick make a stunning kitchen (photo: Krister Engström)

Mint Green kitchens

If you want to go for a fresh green look, then mint green might be for you. Mint green kitchen cabinets fit very well in a Scandinavian-style home. But also if you like to add color to your kitchen without it being extremely overwhelming. A subtle look.

green kitchen with butler sink and bar seating nordroom
photo: Inigo
green kitchen with white tiles
photo: Inigo
mint green cottage kitchen with terracotta floor

A combination of wooden and light green kitchen cabinets. Combined with stunning tile work in this kitchen design by Cortney Bishop (photo: Katie Charlotte)

photo: BOSTHLM

The kitchen in a charming Swedish home features mint green kitchen cabinets and a subtle yellow and blue checkerboard floor. The yellow color on the floor returns on the walls.


A mint green kitchen with a Swedish fireplace (a kakelugn). You can see the full home tour here (photo: Emilsson)


On the left: mint green cabinets combined with textured pink tiles (photo: Rebel Designs).

On the right: A clean mint green kitchen look (photo: Reform CPH)


The mint green deVOL kitchen of Rachel Khoo


A mint green kitchen with open shelves in an Amsterdam apartment (photo: Funda)


A kitchen can’t look much fresher than this stunning mint green & white beauty. (photo: Hayley Francis)

Green & Pink Kitchens

Green and pink are wonderful color combinations that also count for your kitchen. Whether you go for pink cabinets with green walls or green cabinets with pink walls. Pink and green is a winning combination.


Green kitchen cabinets with pink plaster walls and red & white tiles in the home of designer Matilda Goad


Green kitchen cabinets with pink hexagon tiles in the home of Ben & Lizzie Adams


Don’t be afraid of color in your kitchen. This deVOL kitchen shows that pink, green & blue go wonderful together

green midcentury kitchen with pink tiles nordroom
styling by Rydman and photography by Boukari for Historiska Hem

The tiny midcentury kitchen in a Swedish apartment features green cabinets, green walls, and burgundy pink tiles.

Green kitchen tiles

Another way you can add green to your kitchen is by using green tiles. Of yourse you can add clean-looking tiles but why not spice it up a bit? Below you’ll see green tiles in a herringbone pattern and a green tiled wall in various shades for an interesting design look.


A kitchen with green tiles in herringbone pattern in a lovey home in Arizona (photo: Bari J.)


Green kitchen walls

An easy way to incorporate green to your kitchen is by painting the walls. It gives the entire room a wonderful natural look.


Green on green, with both green tiles and green walls. The blue cabinets give this small kitchen even more color. (photo: deVOL)


Blue and green, the colors of nature. Perfectly combined with a terracotta floor in the Victorian rectory kitchen by deVOL

kitchen with mint green walls
photo: Historiska Hem

The walls in a Swedish kitchen are painted in a wonderful calm green shade.

styling by Copparstad and photography by Östling for Historiska Hem

The paint color on the walls is inspired by the historic fireplace in the corner of the room. The mint green shade adds a fresh and modern tone to this Scandinavian kitchen.

Do these kitchens inspire you to go for green in your kitchen?