How To Style Your Home Like A Parisian Apartment

Parisian apartments are the epitome of style. And it’s no wonder that many want to recreate that Parisian style in their own homes. And this post will show you how to style your home like a Parisian apartment.

Parisian decor is timeless, classy and comes in many variations. There is not one Parisian home style, but there are certainly common grounds in these Paris apartments.

I have found dozens of Paris apartments that are full of style. So let’s take a look at the design lessons we can learn from these Parisian apartments. Let’s decorate like a Parisian!

Design tips for a Parisian-style apartment

photo: Joann Pai – click for full tour

Embrace historic features

When you think of a Parisian apartment you think of gorgeous historic homes, am I right? High ceilings, original wooden floors, ornate fireplaces, and ceiling ornaments.

design: Mélanie Gonin – click for full tour

Parisians embrace these historic features. But don’t be afraid to mix these original details with contemporary furnishings. Contrast is good.

photo: Eve Campestrini

A beatiful original chevron floor is combined with modern furnishings.

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photo: Valerio Geraci

Go all out with marble

One material that often makes an appearance in Paris apartments is marble. Go all out with this timeless and elegant material. Marble looks great in kitchens and bathrooms. But also think about tables made of marble.

photo: Adrian Dirand

Layer up with textiles

An easy way to add texture, color, and warmth to your home is to layer up with textiles. Combine materials, colors, and shapes for a warm look.

natural paris living room with layered cushions and fireplace nordroom
floral vintage parisian bedroom with wooden fireplace nordroom

Industrial meets historic

As mentioned above, Parisians embrace their historic homes (how can they not, they’re so beautiful). And while you can opt for a classic Parisian home decor style. You can also combine these historic features with industrial elements like steel doors. A mix and match of styles (if done correctly) creates a beautiful home.

photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Place furniture away from the walls

We have a tendency to place our furniture against walls, but Parisians do things differently. Step away from the walls and place your furniture in the center of the room. It creates a more dynamic and interesting design style.

design: Isabelle Stanislas – photo: Matthieu Salvaing
design: Isabelle Stanislas – photo: Matthieu Salvaing

Use curved shapes

For an organic and flowing design in your home, you can take notes from Paris apartments that use organic and curved shapes. Not only does your home get a Parisian touch, but these organic shapes are also extremely on trend at the moment.

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photo: Stephan Julliard
photo: Stephan Julliard

Go vintage

Mix and match vintage and antique items and create a personal and unique home. Paris apartments often have vintage decor. Which are also placed in rooms you might not expect like a bathroom.

photo: Laura Mathesius & Nora Eisermann

Use built-in furniture

Most Paris apartments aren’t very big. So that means you have to design the space that you do have in a smart and space-saving way. Paris apartments often include built-in furniture. Not only can it save space by making something for awkward nooks or with built-in storage. But is also gives the space a sleek and modern look.

design: Marianne Evennou & photo: Marie-Pierre Morel

Invest in high quality flooring

What is one design feature that’s quintessential Parisian? In my opinion, it’s the wooden floors. Paris apartments often have beautiful (original) wooden floors in herringbone or chevron pattern.

photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

A good floor adds character and style to a room. Invest in a good (wooden) floor to make your home more Parisian.

photo: Nicolas Matthéus

Don’t be afraid of color

Perhaps surprising since color isn’t neccessary the first thing you think of when it comes to French homes. But they aren’t afraid to use color.

photo: Martina Maffini
photo: Hervé Goluza

Add large mirrors

Large mirrors are a decor piece that is often seen in Paris apartments. For a true Parisian decor style you should pick a gilded mirror. And these mirrors also come in handy when you live in a small home. Mirrors reflect light and make a room feel larger.

photo: Yann Deret
photo: A+B Kasha

Less is more

Less is more doesn’t always mean minimalistic, but you do have to thoughtfully curate your home. Parisians decorate their apartments with items that have been carefully selected.

photo”Yannick Labrousse
19th paris apartment modern classic design ribbed wood bathroom nordroom How To Style Your Home Like A Parisian Apartment
photo: Martina Maffini
Laura Mathesius & Nora Eisermann

Use a light color scheme

If your apartment has good bones, you can choose a light color scheme. This way, you let your home’s character shine. Plus it gives your home a natural and serene look.

Decorate with flowers

Whether it’s real flowers or floral patterns in wallpapers and other textiles. For a Parisian look you should embrace floral displays.

colorful floral parisian bedroom with fireplace and mirror nordroom

One statement piece

It’s better to have one statement piece in a room than clutter up the space with multiple lesser items. Go big, go bold, and add a glam touch. But keep it stylish.


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