Best of 2021: Studio & Loft Apartments

At the end of the year, it’s time to look back at the best interiors that were posted on The Nordroom. In this Best of 2021 series I will share the most beautiful rooms of this year.

And of course you will find a link to the full home tours, so you can see more of these beautiful homes.

This was another year of uncertainty, hardship, and struggles. But I hope that by sharing beautiful interiors, I can bring some light and beauty to your lives.

Make sure to check in with The Nordroom this week to take a look at all the best rooms of this year. But in this post I will share the best studio & loft apartments of 2021. Enjoy!

photo: Max Burkhalter

A Brooklyn loft apartment with exposed brick walls.


A light industrial loft decorated with the House Doctor Spring/Summer collection.

photo: The Modern House
photo: The Modern House

The London loft of designer Ilse Crawford.

photo: Innerstadsspecialisten
photo: Innerstadsspecialisten

A Scandinavian loft with dark green kitchen.

london loft industrial windows wood nordroom Best of 2021: Studio & Loft Apartments
photo: The Modern House

A London loft with wooden walls and industrial windows.

photo: Anders Bergstedt
photo: Anders Bergstedt

A tiny studio apartment with bed nook.

photo: Janne Olander

A cozy studio apartment in Sweden with green walls.

photo: Anna Malmberg

A wooden tiny house with curved lines.

photo: Entrance
photo: Entrance

A tiny Scandinavian studio apartment with green kitchen.

photo: Piotr Bednarski

The bookworm cabin in Poland.

photo: Ono/Historiska Hem

A midcentury studio apartment in Sweden.

photo: Frederic Boukari

A pink studio apartment with gray kitchen.

van converion studio nordroom Best of 2021: Studio & Loft Apartments
photo: Charlotte Lee

A van conversion by Scout Modern.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these beautiful studio & loft apartments. Click here to see every post of the Best of 2021 serie. And if you’re curious about the most beautiful rooms from other years, you can take a look here.

best of 2021 studio loft apartment nordroom Best of 2021: Studio & Loft Apartments