Stylish Small Entryway Ideas with Smart Storage Solutions

It’s the first room people see when they enter your house, but it’s also one of the most tricky spaces to style. An entryway has to be functional and stylish, and as most people only have a limited amount of space to work with, you need to think creatively to design the perfect hallway.

But even when your entryway is small, it can make a big impression. With color, custom storage solutions, artwork, and smart storage items, a hallway can be transformed into one of the best rooms of the house and a real welcome for you, your family, and your guests.

Scroll on to see amazing small and stylish entryway ideas that showcase smart storage solutions and a welcoming entry to your home.

styling by Rydman and photography by Östling for Historiska Hem

Add shelves and show personality

This entryway in a Swedish apartment instantly shows the owner’s interests and design style. Shelves have been put up to accommodate the books, and a beautiful antique cabinet can house all the small items you may need to bring outdoors.

ikea hall cabinet with shoe storage for a small hall entryway nordroom
photo: IKEA

Keep It Organized

This IKEA Hemnes cabinet is perfect for small spaces that must be kept neat and tidy. If you don’t have a hallway and your front door opens into your living room or kitchen, a cabinet like this one is perfect to store shoes, bags, and other small items.

styling by Van Keppel and photography by Sylwan for Historiska Hem

Classic with Shelves

This small entryway in a light Scandi apartment is designed with a classic look. It has Victorian floor tiles and two shelves with coat hangers. The classic minimalistic look adds an elegant look to your hallway.

small entryway ideas with gray walls large round mirror floating shelf and floor to ceiling cabinets nordroom
photo: Fantastic Frank

Add A Large Mirror

A large mirror is a smart design choice for a small entryway as it makes the space look larger. The floor to ceiling cabinets and stone floating shelf add storage space. And thanks to the monochrome gray look, it doesn’t look cluttered.

shelf yellow hallway
photo: Historiska Hem

The Smallest Niche Can Be A Storage Space

Even the smallest niches in your entryway can be turned into a storage space as you can see in this yellow hallway where they placed a wooden shelf in the niche. You can add a mirror and small storage boxes for keys and other smaller items. You can even fix hooks under the shelf to hang bags or coats.

small hallway with bench and high cabinet
photo: IKEA

A High Open Cabinet and a Bench

This IKEA hallway uses a wicker bench and a high cabinet for storage. With a wall hook you even add more storage space and the mirror and hats add a nice decorative touch.

styling by Copparstad and photography by Boukari for Historiska Hem

A Shelf Above the Door

A small space means you need to make the most of every inch of space that is available to you. In this tiny entryway in a serene family home they added a shelf above the door with smart storage boxes. The small space also has a storage bench and more hooks to hang coats, bags,, and other items.

small gray entryway with pegboard wall and bench nordroom

Add A Pegboard Wall

A pegboard wall is a smart feature to add to an entryway. You can add hooks on any spot you want so it’s adaptable to any of your needs.

wallpapered hallway with shoe cabinets
styling by Van Kappel and photography by Borgelin for Historiska Hem

Wallpaper and Narrow Cabinets

This entryway in a light Swedish apartment they added a lovely floral wallpaper (Josef Frank’s ‘Eldblomma’) to create a cheerful touch to the entry of your home. The narrow shoe cabinets provide plenty of storage and close to the door are also hooks to hang coats and other items.

styling by Lindholm and photography by Boukari for Historiska Hem

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Dark

‘Small spaces have to be light’ is a tip you will frequently find but you really don’t have to be afraid to go dark in a small space like a hallway. In this halway in a classic and cozy apartment, they opted for a black painted door and wood panels paired with Toile de Jouy wallpaper. In the corner, a shelf with hooks has been placed for coats and a black painted cabinets houses even more items.

pink hallway in victorian house and colorful floor tiles nordroom

Don’t Be Afraid of Color Either

Turn your hallway into a real statement and paint your entry in bold colors, like hot pink in this Victorian hallway.

photo: Wrede

Use the Corner

The small entry in this Swedish apartment makes use of the corner in the hallway. A corner bench and shelf add seating and storage space. The large round mirror helps to make the small room feel bigger.

narrow entryway with bench and hooks and black and white floor tiles nordroom
photo: Inigo

Hooks and a Wooden Bench

This narrow hallway in an English home has been kept light and simple with white walls and simple wooden hooks and a bench that also offers storage space for baskets.

styling by Lindholm and photography by Boukari for Historiska Hem

Cabinets Up To The Ceiling

Use the space up to the ceiling like in this apartment where they added open cabinets with hooks underneath all the way to the ceiling. An open floor cabinet in the same style is used as shoe storage.

small ikea hallway with wooden hooks rattan bench and colorful rug nordroom
photo: IKEA

Hooks and a Large Mirror

This IKEA hallway opens up into the living room but they have managed to create a nice entryway defined by the colorful rug on the floor. The rattan TOLKNING storage bench and hooks can store all your coats, bags, and other items.

styling by Vankeppel and photography by Sylwan for Historiska Hem

Paint Everything The Same Color

Create a cohesive look by painting the walls and the furniture pieces the same color. In this entry in a Nordic maisonette, they opted for a deep red shade called ‘Eating Room Red’ by Farrow and Ball.

modern farmstyle hallway with gilded mirror and floating shelf nordroom

A Shelf with a Mirror

Creating storage in a small entryway can be as easy as adding a shelf with storage boxes. Place a mirror and other decorative items on top to make your hallway personal and stylish.

ikea entryway with shoe storage and peg board for small items nordroom
photo: IKEA

A Small Pegboard

IKEA is the queen of smart storage ideas as you can see in this entryway with a simple shoe rack, a double row of hooks, and a pegboard to store small items.

photo: Alvhem

Hanging Baskets

Kids aren’t always the easiest when it comes to stroing items properly, so why not make it easy for them by hanging storage boxes by the front door where they can just throw their items in. And they look super stylish too.

hallway with custom yellow coat storage nordroom
hallway nook with shelves nordroom

A DIY Coat Hanger

In this Swedish hallway they created a custom coathanger with a yellow painted plywood board and two rods fitted to the wall. It makes the hallway less cluttered and they’ve added a nice color pop to the entry.

photo: Eklund Stockholm New York

A Corner Bench with Storage

Benches aren’t just practical when you want to put on shoes, but they can also store many items. Use the corner like in this Swedish entryway for exra storage space. Decorate with cushions for a homely touch.

bold colorful hallway with staircase plants and wooden floor nordroom

Paint Everything

Show you character, love of color, and add a unique touch to your entry by painting absolutely everything. Just see how cheerful and fun this looks.

No matter how small your hall entryway may be, there are countless ways to make it both functional and stylish. From clever storage solutions to decorative accents, these small entryway ideas offer inspiration for transforming your entry into a welcoming space that sets the tone for the rest of your home.