How To Create A Stylish Bedroom Home Office

Many of us are still working from home #wfh and I don’t see that changing in the future. This means we need to create a functional workspace in our home. With every home being different, you have to be creative and this can mean creating a functional home office in a bedroom.

Putting a desk in your bedroom is not a difficult thing. But creating a smart, functional ánd stylish bedroom workspace asks for more creativity.

In this post you’ll find many bedroom home office design ideas. With design ideas to create a functional workspace in your bedroom, whether it’s a big bedroom or a small bedroom. With these bedroom workspace ideas you’ll become your most productive self.

Small bedroom home office design ideas

Big or small, you can create an office in any bedroom. Working from your bedroom never looked so good. You don’twant to go back to the office after seeing these bedroom work areas.

DIY: design your own bedroom home office

photo: Making Joy and Pretty Things

Can you believe that this is an IKEA hack? Sarah and TJ from Making Joy and Pretty Things designed this office set up with mainly IKEA items. The tall cabinets are made of IKEA SEKTION pantry cabinets. The low cabinets on the left is the GALANT filing cabinet and the shelves are made with LACK. Even the desk top is an IKEA product, namely the KARLBY countertop.

This would be a perfect, stylish án functional bedroom office set up. You can use the tall cabinets as a wardrobe. And you’ll have plenty of storage for your office products.

Multifunctional: a desk that’s also a nightstand

When the bedroom is small, you have to design smart. One way of using the space you have to the max is by decorating with multifunctional furniture. The desk you work on during the day, can easily be your nightstand at night.

photo: IKEA
photo: Margo Hupert
photo: The Everygirl

Add a cloffice (closet/office)

The cloffice in a home office and closet in one. You might already have a large closet in your bedroom. And maybe your not using all of it. It’s easy to add a desk to your closet space. And the best thing is that you can hide it from view when you’re not working.

photo: Nesting with Grace
photo: Emma Lewis Photography

Add shelves for extra storage space

The best tip for any kind of room is to use the space you have to the max. This often means going up, by adding cabinets and shelves. Put shelves above your work area for extra storage. Make sure to decorate them with both business and decor items to make it look nice.

A double desk means plenty of workroom ánd enough space to make it look pretty instead of just functional. photo: IKEA

Another wonderful system (with shelves) for creating a home office is the Swedish String shelves. You can mix and match the system anyway you like. So not only is it stylish but also super flexibel.


Use the niches in your bedroom as workspace

Niches as perfect for creating a home office. The workspace will be less instrusive and you can even hide it from view by adding a curtain or sliding door.

photo: Maree Homer
photo: Felix Forest

These homes have built-in bookshelves and between these cabinets you can add a desk.

photo: Jessica Helgerson

A floating desk

For a minimalistic and non-intrusive home office you can add a floating desk to your bedroom.

photo: Alvhem
photo: Kate and Laurel

This corner desk with drawer by Kate and Laurel is perfect for a small bedroom. It’s big enough for a laptop or a desktop. And it has a drawer for the small things you might need when you’re working. (*affiliate link)


For a non-intrusive workspace you can paint the shelves in the same color as the wall.

Place the desk behind your headboard

If you have a spacious bedroom ánd a bed with a high headboard, you can place your bed in the center of the room with a desk behind the headboard. This way you don’t see the workspace when you’re in bed and you can create a minimalistic bedroom office look.


Use a (deep) windowsill as your desk

photo: Lumiere Lodge
AMonochromeDesignHomeinaFormerChocolatFactory TheNordroom6 How To Create A Stylish Bedroom Home Office
photo: Jonas Ingerstedt
photo: INT2 Architecture

Rethink your bedroom layout

photo: IKEA

Because the bedroom (above) has slanted ceilings, it had to be designed more creatively. The bed has been placed against the wall on the long side. With wall-mounted storage surrounding the bed. This freed up enough space for a desk ánd a seating area.

photo: Black & Blooms

Again, the bed has been placed against the wall with the long side. This is perfect if you’re living alone. This bedroom also shows that you don’t have to be afraid to go big with your office set up. One large desk can look better than one (or two) small ones.

photo: The Modern House

Place the workspace in front of the window

photo: Holly Marder
photo: Carlton Architecture

A bedroom home office with a view. In front of the floor to ceiling windows did they create a minimalistic bedroom workspace.

photo: IKEA

Use a stool instead of a chair

Especially in a small bedroom you might not want to clutter up the room with too many furniture. You can chose a stool instead of a chair for a less intrusive work area. Or perhaps even better, you can opt for a standing desk instead of a regular desk.

Make the office the center piece with vintage/antique furniture

Instead of trying to make to bedroom office as less intrusive as possible, you cán go the other way. Turn the bedroom home office into a statement by using vintage and antique furniture and decor.

photo: @i.tam.i.tu
photo: Idha Lindhag

Use a round table instead instead of a conventional desk

Think outside the box and chose a round table as your home office desk for a more organic and playful look.

photo: IKEA
photo: Entrance Makleri

Create a desk between your drawers/cabinets

If you have low dressers or cabinets are storage in your bedroom, you can easily create a workarea using these furniture pieces.


Pick furniture in the same style

Large furniture brands often have multiple furniture pieces from the same furniture line. This means that all these pieces go well together ánd they often have the same measurements.

photo: IKEA

For example this IKEA bedroom which has a Malm dresser and a Malm desk. Put them together and you create an even, stylish home office ánd storage area.

photo: IKEA

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