Color of the Year 2025 Prediction (with Color Palettes)

We’re only two months into 2024, and the color trends of peach, red, and comforting neutrals like dark gray and blue shades are fresh in our minds. But I’m already looking forward to next year and the color trends that may enter our homes. Is there a way to predict the Color of the Year for 2025?

Well, there might be. In the design world, there is an undeniable connection between the fashion and interior worlds, reflected in trending styles and color palettes. As the fashion world is months ahead in showcasing the newest trends, we can already peek at the color trends for 2025 by looking at the designs of the New York and London Fashion Weeks Autumn/Winter 2024-2025.


The Pantone Color Institute has presented a color palette for LFW and NYFW that gives us insights into the trending colors in the fashion world for next year that may also enter our homes.

The 2024 Color Palette

To test my theory, we first look at the color palette from New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 to see how many of these colors have ended up in the Interior Color Trends 2024.

top row: tender peach – rose violet – viva magenta – red orange – red dahlia
middle row: high visibility – persian jewel – carnival glass – burnt sienna – kohlrabi
new classics on the bottom row: coconut milk – eclipse – doe – hot fudge – silver birch

As you can see, the color palette from NYFW is very positive, with bold colors like yellow, pink, and ice blue and classic neutrals like dark blue, brown, and earthy shades.

Four colors on the Color Palette we can also see in the chosen Colors of the Year for 2024. While these Pantone shades don’t exactly match the 2024 Colors of the Year, they are very similar.

The first color on the color palette is a lovely peach shade. You probably know that Pantone has chosen Peach Fuzz as their Color of the Year 2024, as the NYFW Color Palette predicted.


But this isn’t the only trending color we see on the palette. A shade similar to Benjamin Moore’s ‘Blue Nova’ makes an appearance, as does the icy blue ‘Renew Blue,’ Valspar’s Color of the Year 2024. The most trending color of the year (so far) is also mentioned as a deep red, which is also visible on the color palette, which reflects ‘The Unexpected Red Theory.’ And last year’s Pantone COTY ‘Viva Magenta’ also has a spot on the color palette.

Overall, the NYFW Color Palette A/W 2023-2024 is very similar to the interior color trends of comforting neutrals paired with positive color accents.

The 2025 Color Palette

Let’s move on to the Color Palettes for 2024-2025. There are big similarities between the palettes of London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. The colors are richer and calmer compared to the previous year but feature a beautiful variety of hues.

The 2025 color palettes feature similar shades like deep green, earthy orange, gold, purple, and light blue, which can be paired with classic neutral shades like gray, brown, and dark blue.

top row: tomato cream – scarlet smile – golden palm – aventurine – red orange
middle row: fern – Italian plum – moonstruck – winter sky – lucent white
new classics on the bottom row: white swan – raw umber – dark gull gray – baritone blue – buckthorn brown

The NYFW Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 colors embrace a rich, earthy vibe that celebrates our bond with nature. They include warm hues inspired by natural pigments, classy mid-tones, accessible neutrals, and versatile greens.

These colors represent a blend of sophistication and usefulness, reflecting a move towards mindful living and a slower pace. The colors are enjoyable and practical, conveying confidence and simplicity without fuss or hassle.

photo: Haris Kenjar
photo: Haris Kenjar

Interior designer Heidi Caillier used a rich pink, similar to ‘Scarlet Smile’ in one of the bedrooms in a Fox Island home. It shows how well such a deep pink shade works as a base color for any room; Heidi paired it with blue tones and neutrals.

green kitchen with dining table kakelgn mahogany floorboards nordroom
styling by Lind and photography by Jahnson for Historiska Hem

We’ve seen many trending green shades over the years, from Benjamin Moore’s sage green hue ‘October Mist’ to Dutch Boy’s dark green ‘Ironside’. But expect to see bolder green shades next year, like Pantone’s ‘Aventurine’ and ‘Rain Forest.’

This Swedish kitchen pairs a bold green with brass accents, a golden combination. And you’ve already seen, warm gold/yellow is also one of the colors for next year.

design: Frank and Faber and photography: Paul Craig

While people often opt for a neutral base with color accents in the home accessories, this bedroom designed by Frank and Faber used color the opposite way. Purple walls (like ‘Italian Plum’) and ochre yellow curtains are paired with gray bedding and a black and white rug.

color design by Dagny Thurmann-Moe of KOI Colour Studio, styling by Kirsten Visdal & photography by Margaret M. DeLange

Deep colors in this golden yellow living room with an orange sofa show that you don’t have to be afraid when combining colors. The house is designed by Norwegian architect Siri Zanelli (of Collective Works), using paint color tones from Pure & Original (with color design by KOI Colour Studio).

photo: Inigo

The overall theme of the color palettes for 2025 are strong and deep hues, but there are some lighter shades, like ‘Fern,’ which is a beautiful color for kitchen cabinets or a bedroom wall.

photo: IKEA
photo: Per Jansson
top row: sunburn – rain forest – cherry tomato – starlight blue – pureed pumpkin
middle row: misted yellow – almond milk – eggplant – wave ride – storm front
new classics on the bottom row: sheepskin – pinecone – evening blue – dark shadows – iguana

The rich and powerful color palette showcased at LFW Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 seamlessly integrates retro inspirations with our aspiration for innovative designs. Combining practicality with allure, these refined mid-tones, earthy shades, deep hues, and authentic neutrals denote a change in atmosphere, boasting versatility while exuding sophistication and effortlessness.

photo: @house_of_whimsy_and_whiskers

Heather chose a deep purple, similar to Pantone’s ‘Eggplant’ as the wall color in her Scottish home. She also paired it with green and yellow shades that also appear on the color palette. Despite the three strong colors, It creates a deep, rich interior that feels pretty calm and inviting.

photo: Virtually Here Studios

Green, orange-brown, and golden-yellow in the open plan living room of actors Emmy Raver-Lampman and Daveed Diggs.

photo: Posterstore

Earthy shades will keep on warming our homes in 2025. These orange-brown shades work great as a paint color, but with a simple change in textiles, you can easily add these warm tones to your home.

styling by Lindholm and photography by Boukari for Historiska Hem

The use of yellow, from ochre tones to pastel yellow, is quickly growing in home design. Muted yellow, like Pantone’s ‘Misted Yellow,’ is a great wall color, as you can see in this Swedish living room. This color also works beautifully in a kitchen.

photo: deVOL Kitchens – see the full tour here
photo: deVOL Kitchens – see the full tour here
photo: Paint & Paper Library

We craved natural tones for many years, and while the color forecasts mainly stayed with green and blue tones, we now shift toward earthy colors like terracotta. This kitchen pairs orange-brown with soft pink for a warm and unique look.

photo: Inigo
light blue walls living room nordroom Color of the Year 2025 Prediction (with Color Palettes)
photo: Posterstore

Both palettes feature a light blue shade; this color works as a subtle color accent or as a neutral base for a room. It’s a safe choice, and the past years have seen many blue colors of the year.

styling by Lindholm and photography by Boukari for Historiska Hem

Brown is the new gray, a classic neutral shade that this Swedish apartment perfectly displays.

What Will Be the Color of the Year 2025?

Of course, I do not have a crystal ball, but I think these fashion color trends will also dominate the interior world. The hunker for warm and comforting natural hues will continue as they create such inviting spaces.

But after years of safe blue and green tones as Color of the Year choices by most paint brands, I think it’s time to shift to other colors that can work as a warm base color or as an accent color.


The color palettes’ deep plum and orange shades have my vote for the Color of the Year 2025. Purple shades are often overlooked, but you can create such beautiful interiors with them. And the orange-brown shades reflect or hunker toward warm and earthy tones.

But who knows.. the most important color is chosen by Pantone and they often choose a shade that’s unexpected and different from other paint companies. I don’t think many people would have predicted Peach Fuzz as the Color of the Year 2024, even though, in hindsight, we already saw a similar shade on the fashion color palette.

Do you think the Color of the Year 2025 is already on the color palette?