Colorful Kitchen Designs That Brighten Up Your Home

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. However, when it comes to the design of the kitchen, they often opt for a neutral design with cabinets painted in white, gray, or black shades or wooden kitchen cupboards. Lately, we have seen a rise in colorful kitchen designs that make them the eye-catching look of the house.

You can add color to the kitchen in many ways. You can choose to add only one color element, e.g., by painting the kitchen cabinets or adding colorful tiles. But you also don’t have to be afraid to combine several colors by adding multiple colors to the walls, cabinets, and floors.

Embrace lively hues to add character and energy to the kitchen without making it look like you’ve walked into a color explosion. This article with colorful kitchens will give you all the inspiration you need to create your own dream kitchen that incorporates vibrant colors.

kitchen with yellow walls blue floor tiles and light pink cabinets nordroom
photo: Funda
colorful kitchen with yellow walls skylight and green floor nordroom
photo: Funda

Let’s start this article with colorful kitchens with a bang! How amazing is this bright kitchen with high ceilings? The kitchen is connected to the garden, but they also brought nature inside with sunny yellow walls, sea-green floor tiles, and plants. This is paired with a kitchen featuring subtle pink cabinets and an amazing skylight in the pitched ceiling to make this room bright and sun-filled.

terrazzo worktop and open cabnets in pink kitchen nordroom
photo: Funda
pink kitchen with terrazzo worktop nordroom
photo: Funda

You can paint walls and cabinets or add colorful furniture and decor to create a colorful kitchen. But have you ever thought about adding colorful terrazzo to your kitchen space? In this kitchen, they opted for a terrazzo worktop and backslash paired with pink walls and wooden cabinets.

kitchen painted india yellow farrow and ball nordroom
photo: The Modern House

This small apartment in London features a yellow kitchen with cupboards painted in ‘India Yellow’ by Farrow and Ball.

red kitchen cabinets shelves butler sink nordroom
photo: Inigo

These red-painted cabinets certainly make a statement in this small kitchen.

yellow cottage kitchen with farmhouse table and stone floor nordroom
photo: Inigo
photo: deVOL Kitchens
photo: Inigo

The countryside apartment of interior designers Clarence & Graves features an amazing, colorful kitchen and utility room. The walls are painted in “Muga” by Paint and Paper Library, paired with a blue deVOL kitchen that Clarence and Graves designed in collaboration with the designers of deVOL.

The utility room also features deVOL cabinets in coral pink, paired with the House of Hackney ‘Indienne’ wallpaper.

colorful kitchen inspiration nordroom Colorful Kitchen Designs That Brighten Up Your Home
colorful kitchen inspiration nordroom1 Colorful Kitchen Designs That Brighten Up Your Home
colorful kitchen inspiration nordroom2 Colorful Kitchen Designs That Brighten Up Your Home
colorful kitchen inspiration nordroom3 Colorful Kitchen Designs That Brighten Up Your Home

I absolutely love deVOL Kitchens, and this one is probably my favorite. The kitchen cabinets might be a fairly neutral blue, but the green tiles and pink wall make this such a happy, colorful place.

modern yellow kitchen island
photo: Funda

Pair natural wood with a bold color, like yellow, to turn a normal modern kitchen into a vibrant masterpiece.

light pink walls and yellow kitchen cabinets
photo: Norban

Pink and yellow is a lovely color combination as you can see in this tiny midcentury kitchen in a Swedish studio apartment.

devol haberdasher kitchen painted wooden floor nordroom
photo: Compass

another deVOL kitchen, this time in a New York penthouse where the Haberdasher cabinets are paired with a colorful painted floor. a unique way to add color.

14.TheRealShakerKitchen deVOL nordroom Colorful Kitchen Designs That Brighten Up Your Home
photo: deVOL Kitchens
3.TheRealShakerKitchen deVOL nordroom Colorful Kitchen Designs That Brighten Up Your Home
photo: deVOL Kitchens

Pair color with rustic wooden elements to create a kitchen that’s vibrant and colorful but also warm and inviting. This Mediterranean-style deVOL kitchen shows how it’s done.

green kitchen with dining table kakelgn mahogany floorboards nordroom
styling by Lind and photography by Jahnson for Historiska Hem

A cozy Swedish apartment has an eye-catching kitchen with bold green cabinets and brass accents.

photo: Inigo

Pink and green are perfect color combinations, and in this historic English house, they paired green cabinets, painted in ‘Bancha’ by Farrow & Ball, with pink tiles.

teal green kitchen yellow walls
photo: Domus Nova
kitchen high ceilings green kitchens yellow walls
photo: Domus Nova

The kitchen in a colorful artist’s home is a bold blend of pale yellow, teal kitchen cabinets, and pink accents in the geometric floor tiles and the pantry.

yellow cottage kitchen round table
photo: Inigo

The country kitchen in a historic farmhouse is a beautiful space with bright yellow cabinets painted in Haymarket by Mylands and a round wooden country kitchen in the center.

photo: Inigo

The kitchen in an English cottage has British Standard cabinets that are painted in ‘Heat’ by Little Greene.

photo: The Nordroom
photo: deVOL Kitchens

The classic English deVOL cabinets that are painted in a stunning bean-green tone. The classic cupboards work perfectly in the historic room with the plaster pink walls and ceiling.

photo: Inigo
photo: Inigo

The kitchen in a London mews house features walls and ceilings painted in “Red Ochre” by Edward Bulmer and hand-painted Moroccan tiles by Jaggery Tiles.

photo: Brotherton Lock

The kitchen in a seaside home designed by Space A is in a natural color palette with watery teal kitchen cabinets made of birch plywood and apple green zellige tiles. They used red as an accent color, which can be seen in the shelf brackets and dining bench cushions.

photo: Inigo

The kitchen in a historic English house shows a vibrant color combination with green lower cabinets, pink upper cabinets, and yellow window frames. It’s a bold, vibrant, and fun kitchen design.

photo: deVOL Kitchens

This Shaker kitchen in deVOL’s New York showroom on Bond Street has warm yellow walls (“India Yellow” by Farrow & Ball) and kitchen cabinets painted with deVOL’s own Refectory Red shade.

photo: Inigo

I love this kitchen in a London home. The kitchen cabinets are painted in Duck Green by Farrow & Ball and paired with a pink ceiling.

photo: The Modern House

The modern kitchen in a warehouse apartment has pale green and orange cabinets. The orange returns in the grout of the white tiles.

photo: Inigo
photo: Inigo

The kitchen in a playful maximalist home in London is a wonderful space with cabinets painted in ‘India Yellow’ by Farrow & Ball.

kitchen with red cabinets and farmhouse table nordroom
photo: Inigo
pink kitchen with pitched ceiling and shelves nordroom

Does this make you want to have a colorful kitchen? I, unfortunately, have a boring rental kitchen, but if I could choose my own kitchen, I might go bold and colorful!