Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas (with Paint Colors)

Warm, cheerful, and inviting, a yellow kitchen can transform your space from boring to beautiful with a simple lick of paint. Whether you want to infuse your space with a burst of energy or create a calm and soft-colored kitchen look, these yellow kitchens will show you the endless possibilities.

Yellow has been used more often in home design in recent years. And that’s not surprising, as it’s such a versatile color whether you want to create a warm and deep space using ochre tones or add a subtle color with butter yellow, whatever yellow tone you choose will bring a sunny vibe to your home.

I’ve also added the paint color used on the walls or the cabinets in these kitchens (if the information was available) so you can recreate these yellow kitchen ideas in your own home. Let’s look at these yellow kitchen ideas, which will show you the strength of this beautiful color.

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Yellow is a color we see more used for the tone of kitchen cupboards. From ochre yellow to a subtle honey-beige shade. Yellow cabinets look good in modern and traditional kitchens.

photo: Inigo
photo: Inigo

Color: India Yellow by Farrow & Ball

A small, playful, maximalist home in London features a bright yellow kitchen paired with white subway tiles, a blue dining table, and pink and orange textiles.

modern yellow kitchen island
photo: Funda

Pair wooden cabinets with a sleek kitchen island in a vibrant yellow shade.

photo: deVOL Kitchens

This deVOL Kitchen combines a buttery yellow shade with brown/purple, greige, and off-white. It’s the perfect example of a light white/neutral base with warm color accents.

yellow kitchen cabinets and exposed wooden ceiling nordroom
photo: Accolade Makelaars
photo: Accolade Makelaars

This modern kitchen pairs mid-yellow cabinets with a white island and concrete worktops. The color is beautiful, though the real star of this kitchen is probably that wooden ceiling.

yellow cottage kitchen round table
photo: Inigo

Color: Haymarket by Mylands 

The historic farmhouse of Mrs. Trufflepig features a beautiful country kitchen with bright yellow cabinets, a stone floor, and a round vintage dining table.

yellow kitchen with mint green smeg fridge and round table nordroom
yellow kitchen cabinets and mint green fridge
photo: Inigo
photo: Inigo

Color: Sudbury Yellow by Farrow Ball

The kitchen in a charming English cottage has cabinets painted in a sunny yellow shade from Farrow and Ball and views of the cottage garden.

Guild House Hotel
benjamin moore color trends palette ktchen inspiration nordroom
The Nordroom

Color: Limitless by PPG

The cabinets of this traditional kitchen are inspired by PPG’s Color of the Year 2024.

honey beige kitchen cabinets nordroom
photo: G.P. Schafer

Architect G.P. Schafer restored a 19th-century carriage house in Charleston which features this stunning pale yellow kitchen with a wooden floor and an exposed brick wall.

3.TheRealShakerKitchen deVOL nordroom Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas (with Paint Colors)
photo: deVOL Kitchens
14.TheRealShakerKitchen deVOL nordroom Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas (with Paint Colors)
photo: deVOL Kitchens

Color: Scullery Yellow by deVOL Kitchens

This Mediterranean-style deVOL kitchen shows how to create a vibrant and colorful kitchen that also feels warm and inviting.

pearl lowe devol kitchen mustard yellow kitchen island nordroom Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas (with Paint Colors)
photo: deVOL Kitchens

Color: Scullery Yellow by deVOL Kitchens

The deVOL kitchen in Pearl Lowe’s bohemian beach house features a warm yellow prep table painted in deVOL’s own Scullery Yellow shade.

honey beige kitchen cabinets
photo: G.P. Schafer

another kitchen from G.P. Schafer with pale yellow cupboards in a beautiful barn house.

photo: Inigo
photo: Inigo

This kitchen in a Victorian apartment pairs muted colors from Paint and Paper Library with a vibrant yellow cabinet and fridge.

butter yellow kitchen
photo: HusmanHagberg
kitchen with shelves and wallpaper
photo: HusmanHagberg

The butter yellow kitchen cabinets in this Swedish family apartment are paired with the ‘Natural Owl’ wallpaper from C.F.A.Voysey.

kitchen painted india yellow farrow and ball nordroom
photo: The Modern House

Color: India Yellow by Farrow & Ball

Don’t shy away from vibrant colors in small spaces, this London apartment showcases the beauty of a popping kitchen in an open plan living space.

photo: Inigo

The kitchen in a colorful Georgian house is a lovely space with cabinets painted in a soft yellow shade that are combined with caesar stone worktops and splashback. 

light pink walls and yellow kitchen cabinets
photo: Norban

Pink and yellow is a lovely combination of colors in this tiny midcentury kitchen in a Swedish studio apartment.

photo: wrede

The light yellow kitchen cabinets in a Swedish home are paired with light gray and a warm wooden floor.

styling by Lindholm & photography by Johansson for Historiska Hem
styling by Lindholm & photography by Johansson for Historiska Hem

The kitchen in a Nordic apartment adds a warm atmosphere to the room thanks to its ochre yellow cabinets.

photo: Inigo

The modern kitchen in a historic home has floor-to-ceiling cabinets painted in a sunny yellow shade. These are paired with a blue kitchen island that features a breakfast bar. 

photo: The Nordroom
photo: Johanna Bradford
yellow cottage kitchen with farmhouse table and stone floor nordroom
photo: Alvhem

This Scandinavian apartment features a soft yellow kitchen that is combined with wood paneling and light colors.

photo: Pluck

Yellow is versatile and can be combined with many other colors, from natural shades like gray or blue to pink and green, as you can see in this modern kitchen.

credit: PPG

Color: Limitless by PPG/Glidden

This kitchen is created by PPG using their color of the year 2024 ‘Limitless’, a lovely honey beige shade that looks beautiful in a kitchen.

Yellow Walls and Tiles

Yellow tiles or walls are another way to add a color punch to your kitchen space. Here are some great examples, from ochre tones to butter yellow.

20230531 OGT INIGO TERRETTSPLACE 023 Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas (with Paint Colors)
photo: Inigo

A Georgian home in England is packed with history and color and you can certainly see that in the kitchen. The kitchen is adorned with plank and muntin paneling, painted in a warm ochre hue, and features a sturdy brick subfloor.

kitchen with island and warm yellow wall color nordroom
photo: Inigo
AColorfulEarly19th CenturyHouseinEngland TheNordroom2 Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas (with Paint Colors)
photo: Inigo

Blue and yellow is a great color combination, as you can see in this colorful historic house.

photo: Shootfactory
photo: Shootfactory

Victorian house in London pairs modern black cabinets with ochre yellow tiles and a very pale yellow wall color.

photo: Inigo

Color: Muga by Paint and Paper Library

The kitchen in the renovated country house of Clarence & Graves features warm yellow walls paired with blue cabinets, red and white striped wallpaper, and a pink rug. The utility room pairs coral pink deVOL cabinets with yellow House of Hackney ‘Indienne’ wallpaper.

cottage kitchen with butler sink under window and farmhouse table nordroom
photo: Inigo
cottage kitchen with skylight and farmhouse table nordroom
photo: Inigo

The kitchen in a Welsh cottage features a warm and muted color combination with a deep ochre shade on the walls and green cabinets.

photo: deVOL Kitchens

Color: India Yellow by Farrow Ball

This deVOL kitchen in their New York showroom shows that you can combine a warm yellow shade with another warm color (Refectory Red by deVOL) or a neutral gray shade.

real shaker kitchen devol nordroom10 Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas (with Paint Colors)
photo: deVOL Kitchens
photo: deVOL Kitchens

Color: Cat’s Paw by Farrow & Ball

This kitchen in deVOL’s St. John’s Square showroom features natural wooden Haberdasher cabinets paired with a soft yellow hue on the walls.

kitchen island yellow walls historic english house nordroom
photo: Inigo

The kitchen in a historic English country house pairs cabinets painted in ‘De Nimes’ by Farrow & Ball with a sunny yellow wall color.

photo: Inigo
photo: Inigo

This cottage kitchen in England features pale, warm yellow walls paired with blue color accents.

yellow kitchen historic apartment nordroom Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas (with Paint Colors)
photo: Inigo
photo: Shootfactory

Ochre yellow tiles and cabinets turn a utility room in a Victorian home into a space you want to spent time in.

kitchen with yellow painted walls
styling by JosefssonLjung and photography by Maria Sahlander for Stadshem

Color: Yellow Gold by Auro

This minimalistic kitchen in a Swedish apartment features sunny yellow accents walls which transform the space from boring to cheerful.

kitchen with yellow walls blue floor tiles and light pink cabinets nordroom
photo: Funda

Sunny, vibrant, and natural. In this Dutch kitchen, they paired sunny yellow walls and ceiling with green doors and sea-green tiles.

Yellow Kitchen Floor

design: @untillemonsrsweet and photo: Veronica Rodriguez
design: @untillemonsrsweet and photo: Veronica Rodriguez

Unusual, but very beautiful. The kitchen in a color blocked home in London features a bright yellow floor.

apartment kitchen with black cabinets and yellow floor and walls nordroom Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas (with Paint Colors)